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Many organization leaders are challenged to look at risk in new ways: from discerning and calculating real risk versus perceived threats, to accurately anticipating any potential impact on the state of competitiveness or business continuity.


Current Challenges:

The very nature of what constitutes risk is changing as the rules of engagement – locally and globally – have been shifting dramatically. Hyperactivity from regulatory forces and oversight bodies can reduce the clarity and predictability needed for sound decision making. The pace and scope of innovation, particularly with new technologies, is disrupting business models and historic operating paradigms. Social media has empowered stakeholders with greater visibility on a range of organization behaviors. Global networks have created new interdependencies between business and public interests. Transparency is now an imperative with supply chains in order to achieve new efficiencies and ensure resiliency.

With sustainability reporting increasingly integrating financial impacts in addition to operational issues such as human capital management and sourcing standards in the supply chain, establishing the trust and confidence of the markets is paramount. Investors, regulators, customers, suppliers and the public at large have become dependent upon thorough, reliable data and its communication in order to assess the integrity of an organization’s performance.

On the other hand, organizations need assurance that the sustainability policies, processes and claims upon which they have established their responsibility agenda will withstand scrutiny and the impact of externalities beyond their control. They need to be equipped with the knowledge and analytics necessary for validating that any environmental, social and governance practices – and management systems – are aligned with the strategic goals and projected outcomes.


Our Approach:

ISOS Group guides your organization through the analysis and verification of your sustainability practices, reported outcomes, and regulatory adherence. We apply the proven techniques and most appropriate measures for your particular technology, regulatory and business context: robust metrics, precise evaluation tools and comprehensive assurance mechanisms.

ISOS offers a number of External Assurance services, such as Assurance of GRI sustainability reporting, and/or Verification of climate or Greenhouse Gas data submitted through CDP, GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), and the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index).

We bring a unique approach by addressing the specific needs of your business and providing value beyond the delivery of an Assurance Statement. Our multi-disciplinary team of auditors works with the Client to identify opportunities for improving practices and performance, and providing organizations with the credibility sought after by stakeholders.The scope of the assurance can be varied by either verifying all elements of a report or specific metrics as defined by the interested party.

The ISOS External Assurance Statement is tied to a larger report that attests to any sustainability reporting processes by referencing the AA1000 AS – in addition to verifying GHG Emissions as well as other climate-relevant data using the ISO14064 standard and social-side assessments compliant with SA8000. The output produces new credibility for your sustainability efforts, helping to ensure a clearer path for your competitive agenda.



  • External Assurance Statement to be submitted to GRI for level recognition and attached as an Appendix to your sustainability report. We will also provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting areas that could benefit from further improvement, and our prescription for success for the next reporting cycles.
  • CDP Verification Statement to be included in the CDP Investor Questionnaire.
  • GRESB Verification Statement to be included in the GRESB Investor Questionnaire.
  • DJSI Verification Statement to be included in the DJSI Investor Questionnaire.

Final assessments will also be crafted into an Individual Press Release for distribution throughout media, stakeholders and socially responsible investor groups in order to build awareness around the companys’s achievements.

An ISOS Non-Financial Report Assurance provides analysis and validation on


  • The compliance of your specific business practices with established sustainability standards and reporting frameworks including GRI, CDP, GRESB, and DJSI
  • Your internal disclosure processes for meeting regulatory compliance
  • The soundness of your overall outsourcing strategy
  • Gaps in the compliance measures of your supply chain practices
  • The overall contract compliance of your suppliers – including adherence to contract terms and fulfillment of licensing requirements
  • Discrepancies or inefficiencies in data management that can produce risk liabilities you may not have considered – such as calculations and computation processes used for verification
  • Using a sustainability framework to make necessary adjustments to your risk strategy
  • Where to re-craft processes to close gaps and eliminate potential pitfalls in your claims
  • Adjusting any approaches to achieve more consistent C-suite and board room alignment


Client Sample Work:


  • ISOS Group is highly aware of the importance of fostering greater diversity within our team, and we can proudly say that we have achieved a good balance regarding gender, where 47% are Male and 53% Females. ISOS Group has also included a respectable age range from 24 to 54. In other words, our team ranges from young professionals who have found in the firm a platform to launch their careers, to those who have dedicated more than a decade of study and work around the subject of sustainability and have deeply influenced its growth and advancement.

    Our team’s cultural background includes North-Americans, Europeans, Asians and Hispanics. Besides English as a native language, 30% of our members speak second and third languages. ISOS professionals are specially characterized by their worldly influence and travel experiences, including studying, living and working across the globe.

  • ISOS Group provides equal opportunities to all without regard to race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics or mindset. In addition to federal law requirements, ISOS Group complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company operates, This policy applies to all terms and conditions of interaction and communication. ISOS Group expressly prohibits any form of harassment or intolerance. Any conflict with our open-minded and inclusive operating environment will provide the basis for the immediate termination of agreements.