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External Assurance


ISOS is recognized as one of the industry’s leading agencies for CSR External Assurance. We validate sustainability claims and data, while also providing guidance on how to establish credible reporting processes for GRI, CDP, GRESB and DJSI.

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External assurance helps protect the interest of stakeholders and provides a level of comfort to key decision makers, allowing them to know that the information they are using for their business decisions is reliable and in full compliance with the relevant reporting frameworks. Utilizing our services sends a strong signal about your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ensuring the transparency and credibility of the information you make public.

Benefits of External Assurance:

An external assurance performed on the sustainability report or CSR investor questionnaire of any organization can benefit them in many ways: proper and reliable financial/non-financial information as well as sound corporate governance are essential in order to experiment prosperity.

Audited reports prepared in compliance with sustainability standards provide more transparency to investors, suppliers and other stakeholders on a company’s operating position. There are situations when financial institutions or investors may see businesses that have not been subject to external assurance as having a higher default risk, hence restricting their access to credit, which may impede business expansion.

Why is ISOS different than the Big 4?

We bring a unique approach by addressing the specific needs of your business and providing value beyond the delivery of an Assurance Statement. Our multi-disciplinary team of auditors works with the Client to identify opportunities for improving practices and performance, and providing organizations with the credibility sought after by stakeholders.

ISOS is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training partner and a CDP Silver Consultancy Partner in the US. With such recognition, comes great responsibility! We have spent the last 6 years singularly focused on promoting transparency and accountability, advising and educating organizations on the latest developments in sustainability reporting. We benefit from unrivalled knowledge and broad experience working with organizations across all industries while our team of subject matter experts is continually spearheading developments in the sustainability reporting industry.

Our Assurance steps:

ISOS offers a number of Assurance services, such as External Assurance of GRI sustainability reporting, and/or Verification of climate or sustainability data submitted through CDP, GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, and the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index).

The scope of the assurance can be varied by either verifying all elements of a report or specific metrics as defined by the interested party. We provide assurance against the Global Reporting Initiative’s principles, the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008 (AA1000 AS 2008), ISO 14064 for the verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG), in conjunction with methods for identifying strengths, weaknesses and discrepancies of the reported content and supporting systems.

ISOS typically recommends a two-stage review process for conducting Assurance.

We will evaluate the adherence of the report/public disclosures to the principles or requirements of the various reporting standard through:

  • checking that the right information is in the Report/Investor Questionnaire- we are all sustainability certified professionals, so one of the most valuable components of our verification is giving you feedback on the reporting process and recommending adjustments for the next reporting cycles.
  • scheduling either in-person or phone interviews with relevant personnel responsible for managing, tracking and reporting sustainability information, in order to obtain relevant data supporting the claims and assertions included in the Report/Investor Questionnaire
  • inspecting the documentation used for gathering, analyzing and aggregating the Client’s sustainability data.
  • investigating internal and external procedures for determining Materiality and stakeholder engagement.

Our assurance team will then assess the report’s accuracy and fulfillment of our specific sustainability criteria through our proprietary Credibility Check and Sustainable Action Balance.

The ISOS full assurance assessment will not only increase the credibility of your information, but provide suggestions on how to enhance the quality of future reports.

What’s the final result?

The outcomes of our External Assurance will consist in either one of the the following deliverables:

  • External Assurance Statement to be submitted to GRI for level recognition and attached as an Appendix to your sustainability report, along with a comprehensive report highlighting areas that could benefit from further improvement and our prescription for success for the upcoming reporting cycles.
  • CDP Verification Statement to be included in the CDP Investor Questionnaire.
  • GRESB Verification Statement to be included in the GRESB Investor Questionnaire.
  • DJSI Verification Statement to be included in the DJSI Investor Questionnaire.

Final assessments will also be crafted into an Individual Press Release for distribution throughout media, stakeholders and socially responsible investor groups in order to build awareness around the companys’s achievements.

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