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Sustainability Reporting

CSR Consulting

The ISOS team of GRI Certified practitioners has unmatched experience in helping organizations of all sizes develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or GRI sustainability reports.

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With our clients, we have been utilizing already established credible tools for the various aspects of their reporting. We have designed the ISOS Implementation Tool to reflect standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CDP, AA1000 series, UN Global Compact (UNGC), ISO 14000 and ISO 26000 reporting standards. Our comprehensive lists of sustainability themes, relevant indicators, standards and benchmarks allow us to effectively measure and report the sustainability of your operations.

Initial Sustainability Assessment, Benchmarking and Risk Mapping

For those just starting out on the sustainability journey, an initial Sustainability Assessment may be a vital launching pad for building a sustainable organization- we start with a preliminary analytical research, including Benchmarking and Risk Mapping and continue with one-on-one meetings and site visits which are critical for understanding your operating environments.

Information incorporated into our analysis is based on facts, policies, statements, objectives, controversies and developments pertinent to the industry as well as the geo-political climate at hand effectively affecting your organization.

Data gathered by our team is filtered through a series of criteria and associated indicators to illustratively produce our findings. Our initial assessment prescribes solutions to your challenges, identifying weaknesses and opportunities and gearing your organization towards meeting the GRI sustainability reporting Framework’s requirements.

Our strategy approach integrates economic, environmental and social issues. We will help you define your organization’s sustainability vision and policy and align your stakeholders’ interests to your goals. In other words, we’ll help you map out where you are, where you want to go and how to get there in a sustainable manner.

Full cycle Sustainability Report development and Guidance on Process Implementation

ISOS offers unrivaled experience in helping organizations develop and publish credible sustainability reports. We take a comprehensive approach working closely with our clients to overcome the challenges of establishing a reliable sustainability reporting process by:

  • Developing the reporting strategy
  • Identifying audiences and areas of concern
  • Engaging with external and internal stakeholders
  •  Determining the set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Building your Materiality Matrix
  • Content Development- writing and designing the report (Web/PDF/Print)
  • Building the GRI Index and the GRI Application Level
  • Assisting with the report launch and promoting it through the GRI newtwork, Socially Responsible Investors and other interested parties.

G4 Gap Analysis and Transition

All reporting organizations are expected to transition from the current G3.1 Guidelines to the new GRI G4 Guidelines by 2015. The G4 Guidelines have introduced a series of new elements including the emphasis on Material Aspects, a series of General Standard Disclosures and a series of Specific Standard Disclosures.

Our team of GRI Certified experts will provide you with a detailed understanding of all the elements of G4 and guide you through the transition to a G4 Sustainability Reporting Cycle by:

  • Determining how your current reporting matches up to the G4 sustainability reporting requirements
  • Assessing key trends of your industry and other related sectors
  • Facilitating independent consultation and engagement of your stakeholders for the determination of material key aspects
  • Recommending and implementing best practices for Materiality evaluation
  • Assisting with the development of a GRI G4 In Accordance Sustainability Report.
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