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ISOS Group is an innovative corporate responsibility and sustainability firm that helps drive strategic value creation for the world’s most innovative brands. We guide clients in enhancing their competitive leadership through business practices that deepen the committed engagement of all their stakeholders and the global community at large.




The global landscape is transitioning to greater interdependency as a convergence of markets and commerce, governing institutions and national cultures takes hold. The unprecedented resettlement of people and resources, accelerated by technology, is melding beliefs and behavioral norms. The world is becoming a lot smaller-what was once only local can overnight become global.

Smart organizations are realizing they need to reconfigure their relationships with a wider group of stakeholders including, local public and nonprofit constituencies where their economic interests are most dependent. They are investing in new partnerships and collaborations to become more responsible around utilization and consumption in their pursuit of profitability. In addition, state and local governments are implementing their own sustainability programs as municipalities drive grassroots community efforts in response to a call for greater interdependency between private, commercial and public interests.




Our team of technical specialists and business strategists transforms accountability and reporting into operational advantage through improved management practices and credible, transparent disclosures. As the leading provider of sustainability management services in North America ISOS has monitored, assessed and facilitated initiatives for an array of Fortune 500 companies and private enterprises. In challenging assumptions about what has to be, we navigate organizations and their leaders into the future they want to see.

ISOS Group has pioneered a systems-oriented method to CSR management that:

  • Strengthens organization resiliency, enhances competitiveness and promotes an innovation culture
  • Deploys advanced systems, processes and frameworks to improve value chain management and operational agility
  • Takes a holistic approach to better align the strategic vision with environmental imperatives and social accountability
  • Uses inclusive stakeholder engagement techniques to produce high satisfaction and shared resiliency
  • Commits to reporting best practices so that transparency and disclosure become assets for long-term competitiveness


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  • ISOS Group is highly aware of the importance of fostering greater diversity within our team, and we can proudly say that we have achieved a good balance regarding gender, where 47% are Male and 53% Females. ISOS Group has also included a respectable age range from 24 to 54. In other words, our team ranges from young professionals who have found in the firm a platform to launch their careers, to those who have dedicated more than a decade of study and work around the subject of sustainability and have deeply influenced its growth and advancement.

    Our team’s cultural background includes North-Americans, Europeans, Asians and Hispanics. Besides English as a native language, 30% of our members speak second and third languages. ISOS professionals are specially characterized by their worldly influence and travel experiences, including studying, living and working across the globe.

  • ISOS Group provides equal opportunities to all without regard to race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics or mindset. In addition to federal law requirements, ISOS Group complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company operates, This policy applies to all terms and conditions of interaction and communication. ISOS Group expressly prohibits any form of harassment or intolerance. Any conflict with our open-minded and inclusive operating environment will provide the basis for the immediate termination of agreements.