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Please read through our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

Q: Do all trainings offered by ISOS Group result in a certificate?
A: All offerings labeled “Certified” do!
GRI: A certificate is issued directly by GRI upon completion of sixteen hours of in-person training and the submission of a final take home assignment.
CDP: ISOS Group releases certificates verified and approved by CDP upon concluding the 8hr, 4hr. or 1hr. modules.
PRiSM: A certificate is released from GPM once PRiSM course participants have completed the accredited exam.

Q: Does recognition require the passing of an examination?
A: The only course offered by ISOS Group requiring an examination is the PRiSM course for Sustainability Project Managers. Once your 40 hours of required training is completed, login details to the online portal will be sent out via email. It is up to the participant to complete this timed exam on their own to receive full recognition.

In 2015, GRI introduced a voluntary examination that is offered at training centers throughout the world. Completion of the standard 2 day GRI Training is a prerequisite for taking the exam.

For more on this, read a blog written on this very subject from one of our trainers, Dr. Gwen White.

Q: What if I have a scheduling conflict, or an emergency and I’m unable to complete a full course?
A: Since a certain number of hours are required by each of the organizations that have licensed us to train on their behalf, it is necessary to meet the requirements of each. However, we do understand that unforeseen situations might occur and therefore, we will work to schedule a follow-up call or your place at another training to cover elements that you might have missed. The certificate demonstrates your completion of the program, understanding of the subject matter and potential to apply lessons learned in the classroom.

Q: Do all courses require coursework?
A: Absolutely! We believe in learning by doing. In addition to group work in the classroom, you should anticipate spending some of your time completing take home assignments. Not to fear; these assignments won’t be graded. They are simply a way for our participants to get their hands dirty in technical application.

Q: Do ISOS Group’s Trainers predominantly represent the academic or professional community?
A: Neither. What makes our trainings extraordinary are our trainers ability to speak from experience gathered in sustainability management positions, as lecturers at leading academic institutions and subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines. These are not your typical consultants, they’re highly recognized sustainability professionals ready to share their knowledge to accelerate change!

Q: I’m not an engineer, compliance officer or EHS professional. Will these courses accommodate newbies to this space?
A: The way we see it, everyone has something to contribute and to learn. We do start out each course in a manner that brings the group to a common starting point and we build from there. We regularly attract sustainability officers, consultants and academics.

By integrating group work, participants are able to learn from diverse perspective. No two classes are the same and therefore, our trainers are prepared to tailor to individual needs using their tested toolkits!

Q: Why should I chose ISOS Group over another training provider?
A: ISOS is a the leading North American provider of professional development and education in sustainability management. As a licensed Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and CDP training partner, we trained the largest number of CSR professionals in the world. In addition, the breadth of offerings make us unique in the marketplace. Finally, and most importantly, we develop a lasting relationship with those that take our courses. This means that we believe in staying in touch and supporting you in your sustainability journey. You will find our trainings to be professional, friendly and full of great up to date content.