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Materiality and Sustainability Reporting

Non-financial Information

The materiality focus of sustainability reporting is broader than the traditional measures of financial materiality. Organizations must integrate an ever-increasing web of issues and market dynamics into strategic decisions to assess their relevancy to competitiveness, enterprise continuity, risk exposure and growth capacity.




While traceability and social responsibility concerns continue to demand attention due to stakeholder and media pressure, supply chain operations are moving front and center as global networks become more intricate and fractured – highlighting a host of manufacturing, sourcing, logistics and distribution challenges. Additionally, most procurement business units and sourcing personnel remain tied to old management models in which transparency runs counter to their incentive for ringing as much cost out of the supply chain as possible.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Integrated Reporting (IIRC), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) provide globally accepted platforms for stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment for achieving credible disclosures.




Materiality is a lens through which you may determine what issues, factors or actions are directly relevant or key to an outcome. It can close the gap between aspirations and policy – and what is truly actionable for impacting performance and bottom-line results. By becoming more adept at materiality, an organization may also avoid or minimize its regulatory, litigation or reputational liabilities.

Materiality involves a system that identifies, tracks and quantifies the impact of organizational practices against key performance indicators – injecting significant clarity and efficiency into initiatives involving value creation and revenue generation, financial accountability and resource utilization. It can also enable more proactive risk mitigation.

ISOS Group applies its technical expertise in due diligence, assessments, benchmarking and supply chain management to support better alignment between sustainability issues and the strategic objectives. We help your team transition to a proactive posture in which they are empowered with greater confidence and market credibility.




ISOS Group offers a full range of risk assessment and materiality services including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Risk Assessment
  • Internal and External Stakeholders Engagement
  • Validation of Relevant Sustainability Issues
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Mapping
  • Alignment of Goals with Projected Outcomes


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