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TSC Product Sustainability Toolkit

Intro Webinar

Leverage your Retail Link® and supply chain data with the TSC Product Sustainability Toolkit


Walmart uses the ‘Walmart Sustainability Index,’ which is based on the TSC Toolkit to survey its suppliers and analyze data to determine supply chain performance and formulate solutions for improvement. Every year, all of Walmart’s suppliers must report the results of their TSC Toolkit survey. Other major corporations are starting to adopt this model too and the pressure to comply is only getting stronger as this is no longer a ‘nice thing to do’, but a business imperative.

WHAT ARE THE TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits?

These are interactive surveys that highlight the environmental and social issues that producers should focus on when working to improve the sustainability of their products. The toolkits are scientifically crafted with input from a variety of stakeholders.

The results of the survey produce a type of supplier scorecard that helps both buyers and suppliers understand key issues and opportunities in their businesses. A company’s key performance indicators vary depending on product category- there are currently 220 consumer product categories.


To support Walmart in its existing sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives, by directly engaging, preparing, and assisting Vendors so that they don’t have to expend countless hours navigating the sustainability space requirements.

This model will enhance sustainability literacy and skillsets to leverage opportunity and efficiencies that lead to broader brand recognition. By demonstrating sound measurement, management and reporting techniques participants will walk away with the ability to benefit from a greener supply chain, and ultimately, sales growth.

The online format caters to the time sensitive needs of leading suppliers, while also offering them an interactive platform from which to address common challenges, share best practices and formulate solutions for advancing sustainability infused business strategy.


This interactive webinar is moderated by working sustainability reporting professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Walmart business environment and decades of experience in product sustainability reporting across a variety of categories.


CPG Vendors/Suppliers Feeding into Retailer Supply Chain


By registering for this webinar, you will be offered a free consultation with the ISOS Group TSC specialists.


At the moment, this webinar is being offered in English, while also being translated into Spanish, Mandarin and Korean. Any interest for other languages should be communicated to: